Don Bosco School Bandel was established in 1978. It is one of the International Don Bosco family of schools; the first Don Bosco Institution in India was set up in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu by the Salesians in the early 1600s.

It is a large school situated near the banks of the River Ganges,and is beside the Bandel Church.

Faculty Edit

DBB has 78 teachers.[1]</span>

Facilities Edit

School facilities include table tennis hall, computer lab, and library.

Educational system Edit

The school is a ICSE board school. There are two main examinations - the half yearly examinations and the final examination.

Half yearly exams are held in the months of September–October. Final exams are held in late February to early March. A student needs at least 85% attendance to sit in a examination hall.

School programmeEdit

Programmes include the annual sports day or annual function, and the annual fete between 13–15 November for organizing the Children's day. Food stalls and games stalls are put up.[2]


School clubs include:

  • Table Tennis club[3]
  • Cyber Club[4]
  • Science club[5]
  • Nature club[6]
  • Friends Group
  • Scout Group


The school Prospectus is available at official website.